About us

Wargaming Alliance is an organizational unit within Wargaming that provides a single entry point for all third-party companies seeking to publish their PC and console products. Wargaming Alliance styles itself as the go-to solution for established and newer developers who want to take their online, multiplayer Games-as-a-Service project to the next level.

Wargaming Alliance is actively looking for new, innovative products within the GaaS sphere to expand their exciting portfolio. Partners benefit from the unit’s unique expertise of the GaaS market, transparent partnerships, the knowledge to break into the global arena, and a team that not only has worldwide expertise, but a physical presence in key markets.

With a team of seasoned specialists, backed by years of experience, Wargaming Alliance unlocks a project’s potential by cultivating an environment where developers are free to focus on their game and give it the boost it needs to become a success.

Because teams with great ideas deserve a chance to reach their full potential.